Slack channel rules

This page is for members of the Prepping for Everyone slack channel (which you are welcome to join by the way, ping me for an invite).

To ensure that the community thrives and isn’t taken over with things that can distract from the important stuff (i.e. Prepping!) I’ve made this list of rules.

Please, for the sake of the community, please follow them. I don’t want to have to start swinging ban hammers around!

1. Keep Politics to the #politics channel

Politics are interesting and keeping abreast of it is a great way to get a feel for what could happen in the future, however it can get out of hand sometimes, which is why it should stay in the politics channel. Any conversation that start outside of #politics should be moved there before it gets too far.

2. Keep fear-mongering in #future

Again, contemplating what could happen in the future is fun and interesting and who knows, you might even be right but prepping isn’t about predicting the future, it’s about planning for it, no matter what that future might be. I don’t want to restrict any talk of it though so just keep it here.

3. News posts are fine but news from known conspiracy sites and people like Alex Jones will be deleted.

One of the main aims of Prepping for Everyone is that we want to distance ourselves from the common image of preppers as nutters. So even if you are entirely sure that Hitler has conquered Niburu and is now teaming up with Donald Trump and Putin to send asteroids filled with lizard people to Earth in order to conquer us, we’re not interested.

If you really want to post your conspiracy news article then feel free to post in into #crazy-talk however be prepared to be mocked mercilessly if you are serious.

If you have a news article you want to sure and are not sure if it’s legit or not (and don’t have time to verify it) then post it in #maybe-news, maybe someone else will take some time to verify/debunk it.

4. Encourage ideas, don’t shoot them down.

Remember that Prepping for Everyone came about in order to try to help new people become preppers and increase the general knowledge of prepping as a lifestyle. Some people need guidance and some people may not know that they need guidance, if you feel they are doing something incorrectly, try to give them ideas on how to do it better but please, don’t be derisive or mean about it.


5. Only use your country-specific channel for country-specific topics but keep country-specific topics in those channels.

We want a global community as that’s the best way to share information and a lot of advice for prepping is universal. However some things are country-specific. If there isn’t a channel for your country, feel free to request one.

Let me give you an example of things that are country specific:

Shopping deals. A deal at Morrisons is unlkely to interest someone in California and a deal in Target isn’t going to get anyone in Ipswich excited.

Guns. Americans love to include guns in their preps but for better or worse, we don’t really have that option in the UK so we’re not really that interested.

Kangaroos. Kangas are great animals for prepping if the documentary, ‘Tank Girl’ is anything to go by but as they are only available in Oz, there is little point posting about them in #general