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Welcome to Prepping for Everyone


What’s the purpose of this blog?

I chose the title ‘Prepping for Everyone’ because prepping has got a bad reputation in the world, most Preppers are actually quite sensible people but unfortunately, that’s not the perception that the world has of us and there are plenty of Preppers out there who do nothing to help that situation.

This is a site for Preppers who just want to make sure they are prepared for the off chance something bad happens and also a site for regular people who want to become a Prepper.

So rest assured that you will never see any of the following on this site:

  • Crazy conspiracy theories
  • Serious articles about a zombie apocalypse
  • Religious fanaticism (I’m an atheist)
  • Presenting opinions as the truth
  • Articles suggesting that weapons are the most important thing in prepping (they most certainly are not)
  • What you will see on this site are articles which talk about food and water storage, bushcraft skills, survival gear (both urban and rural) and scenarios that concern me (again, this won’t be conspiracy theories, it will just be my thoughts on the world and should not be taken as ‘news’).

A lot of the time, you’ll be learning right along with me, as I’ll be posting information and advice as I learn it myself.

Another reason for starting this site is that the vast majority of Prepper sites out there are US based, I live in the UK so quite a lot of the advice and most of the resources to things you can buy are no good to me, so this site will have a UK leaning, that’s not to say that much of the advice won’t be applicable to US Preppers too though! Sooner or later, I’ll start putting adverts on the site, this will be because I want to make money (duh!) but also because I feel that Prepper sites are great places to go to find equipment recommendations and suppliers and I want to make sure you guys get to see some great UK based suppliers too!

I also plan to start a YouTube channel soon so when that’s up, I’ll post a link to it on here. I hope you become a regular reader on this site, if you have any requests or article ideas, please let me know in the comments below.

Article author: Merdok