Shiny new site rebuild!


Where have you been?

I've had a busy year. Simple as that. Plus a few of my Wordpress sites were compromised as i'm terrible at keeping up with site maintainance and I just didn't have time to deal with it anymore, so I decided to put content updates on hold whilst I concentrated on getting a new platform for my blogs off the ground.

What's new?

In an effort to reduce my running costs, I've dropped all of my wordpress sites and moved to static hosting (which is free!, thanks Netlify).

I've also started working on a site redesign, which you are possibly not seeing yet, this design will be fancy and new and responsive and lovely and many other things to boot. So keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, we've got some proper categories at last, in the last iteration, I just lumped everything into a 'general' category unless it was very specifically a 'skills' or 'supplies' related post, now I've split that out so we also have 'Advice' and 'In the media'. This gives me a wider range of topics to discuss without making things harder for users to find. I may add more categories in the future but I'll try to avoid restoring 'general'.

Sounds like the site isn't ready yet, why have you launched it?

Simply put, I wanted to drop Digital Ocean and Heroku and move to free hosting. Plus in the development world there is a saying which goes 'release early, release often', which basically means you're more likley to make something good if you get it out of the door as soon as possible and then just keep improving it. That's my plan.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh