'Prepping for everyone' group chat


The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a lot of people to need to isolate themselves, in these trying times it's always nice to have a community so I created a group-chat we can all stay connected on.

The chat group is on Discord. This is a chat app mainly used for gamers to talk to each other but anyone can make a chat group on there, it's easy to use but if you require a tutorial, I recommend the video below:

How to join

Anybody can join this channel, simply download the discord app for your computer or device and join using the following invite link:



I don't want to put a ton of rules on there but as some people like to spoil it for everyone else, here are a small handful of rules:

  1. Be nice to each other. People have differences of opinion and there are lots of different types of preppers in the world, you can disagree but please stay respectful. If you want to have an argument, do it in a private chat.
  2. Keep topics to their channels. We have channels for all sorts of different topics so please keep conversations on topic, if you are talking in one channel and the conversation drifts onto a topic that there is a channel for, be the person who suggests moving the chat to that channel instead of continuing it where you are. New topics can be created if we see a need for them, feel free to ask a moderator.
  3. Use national-based topics appropriately. The '[insert country here]-only' channels are not to corral people into their boxes but to ensure that topical information goes to the relevant people, for example - a conversation about the laws in the UK wouldn't be relevant to someone in America so make sure you post that information in the UK-only channel.
  4. Use 'maybe-news' and 'crazy-talk' to discuss unverified news topics and 'future' for speculation, you can only post news in other channels if you have verified its accuracy or if it is from a mainstream, credible news source.
  5. No promoting other chat servers or spamming links. You can post one link to your blog per day IF the article you are linking is relevant to the conversation. However please do not promote competing chat servers.
  6. Obey the moderators. Moderating a public group is hard work and as a result, I give my moderators 100% discretion over who they can kick from the server but I ask them to follow a 3-strikes policy, if a moderator gives you a warning then I recommend you heed that warning as if you get three strikes, I'll not overturn any decision they make to ban you.

That's it, that's all the rules, otherwise, have fun!


Article author: Merdok